joins world's largest incubator

On the verge of our Free Startup program, we were accepted in one of the largest Startup communities in the world: Station F in Paris. Paperjam and ITone features the news on their website.

Joining such a huge startup community is especially important to us, because we believe startups, together with developers, are shaping our future. However, we know that when developing a MVP with no funding and bootstrapped resources, finding IT talent can be a huge struggle. With extra limited resources, it is impossible to pay agencies or head hunters, even though tech talent is of crucial need.

Now, while we know successful entrepreneurs always find a way to make things happen, we want to contribute and make life easier for them, so they have more time to spend on other things.

Access to our platform is free for startups with less than 10 employees, less than 5 years of existance and – most importantly – working on an innovative project. If this fits your profile, come and find your perfect developer for free!


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