Studies confirm: IT Teams more efficient in IT recruiting

According to various articles (,, ...) involving technical teams in the recruitment process works wonders.

While it takes recruitment staff on average 33 interviews to hire a developer, technical profiles only need 16.


That’s almost 50% less wasted time!

This discrepancy is mostly due to better technical knowledge, leading to more efficient and inspiring discussions between candidate and employer. A Tech person can go into much more detail about technologies and IT concepts used by their company.

Of course there’s more to this, so we wrote another article explaining more in detail why IT colleagues improve the efficiency of Tech recruitment. Check it out here.

Tech Hires Tech is built to help companies start with a technical interview. Through exhaustive profiles which are focussed on technical aspects (let’s distance ourselves from old-fashioned CVs in IT recruiting) and thorough prescreening processes by our Coaches, HR managers are able to share matching profiles with their responsible technical managers who can immediately engage through an integrated chat.

The Tech Hires Tech approach helps our clients to reduce their recruitment cycles from 6 to 2 weeks.


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