We want companies all over Europe to start with a technical interview instead of wasting your time.

To make this approach a standard, companies need to be educated. Now, how do they listen best? When there is proof.

Help us proof that engineers prefer to start with a technical interview. Please share our approach with your communities.

We will reward you with 10€ per validated signup coming from you and if the person is hired, you'll receive another 250€ (via Paypal, Bank transfer, Amazon Voucher – as you prefer).

Numerous companies are starting with a technical interview since they've joined our platform. Let's grow that number together.

Copy the referral link in your profile.


Share it with all your fellow developers who are fed up with non-technical interviews.


Wait until your friends sign up.


Gain 10€ per validated profile + 250€ per hire


Shut up and give me my money

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